Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lianne's Blog

Another cancer related story fronted by Tony Grace. We met with Lianne for the interview during her lunch break in the Hog's Back Park in Ottawa.

It was bright sunny day. I needed to find two spots, one for the interview and another one for the cutaway shots. For the first one I based ourselves in the shadow of the big tree.

Although the lighting was "spotty", I played it around placing Lianne exactly in the trunck shadow. I stepped in the shade, facing away from the sun, so when we looked at my shadow we were able to see only my shoulders sticking out of the trunk's shadow. I asked her to do the same, then framed her "head and shoulders" with the shallow depth of field, exposing face normally.

For the "walking shots" I could not find the way to avoid spots altogether, and I set exposure so the faces would be a bit underexposed while Tony and Lianne were walking in the shade, but not too much overexposed when they were hit by the sun.

Sun is photographer's friend. So is shade.