Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Day with iPhone4

 After all that had been said about iPhone camera, I decided to chip in. Recent survey run by Photoshelter on what point-and-shoot cameras do professional photographers use when they don't use their "big" cameras placed iPhone on honourary second place after Canon G-series camera. I happened to use both, but comparison would be a different story. This is strictly iPhone - from dawn till dusk.

Photo above was taken during sunrise. iPhone allows to keep black silouette as long as you keep a little bit of it in the frame. Just for fun - if you click on the image, you'll be able to see the airplane between the towers.

Staircase during wee morning hours. Dark cold colour of the morning sky collides with the acid electrical lighting - quaint colours, but grainy.

 First, I wanted to destroy this one with the Speaker's Parade in the Parliament of Canada, but decided to keep it to make a point. Holding the iPhone and pushing the button is awkward and may cause a blur. It's noticeable, especially if you look at the background. Shake your hands - and you missed the shot.

The one above demonstrates low glare control. Can't ask for too much from the buttonhole. But again, do you relly need the Instagram App?

 Rocks at the golden hours. I'd like to see higher colour contrast, or would shift the hue towards the blue colour of the shade - can not do with the all-auto camera.
Splash, taken at the same time with the rocks. I like the colours and good choice of the shutter speed. Zoom in to see the splash in details.

And for the closer - the sunset, end of the day. A little bit of glare, no need for apps.
If you ask my impression - I do like it. Would not swap it for my Canon G though, but after having learnt the limitation, I am having lots of fun with iPhone.