Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canon G1 X vs. iPhone 4

The title is actually a joke. I am still trying to get my opinion on the G1 X. Although I was warned this was NOT a MACRO camera, the hopes were for the advantages to prevail over the shortcomings.

Still as any Canon G user I'd like to take a macro shot here and there. Especially now, when everything is blooming north of 49 parallel.

This is the shot of the lilacs in my backyard. There is a MACRO mode in the camera, although it does not provide the results one might be used to while playing with the G's. It's just not so much MACRO in my opinion. Although I like the sharpness of the central part and the abrupt softness all-around. There is some aesthetics in it.

For those who are into the technical details, please check the info sheet.

For I wanted to take a MACRO shot, there was no reason not to try it with the iPhone. No need for MACRO button. Everything happens pretty much by itself.

I will let you to come to conclusion. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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