Sunday, June 16, 2013

Plane Spotting with the Canon 200 mm 2.8 L II

With myriad of sites and galleries being filled daily with new photos of the airliners it's just natural that I wanted to try the waters (or the skies) too. My 200 mm prime lens has come extremely handy with shooting upwards. Although it is not a recipe for the great shot guaranteed, the lens brings the planes a little closer and draws them nicely and sharply.

This one was taken at the extension of the runway, possibly 200-300 m after actual take off.

Then this one was taken approximately at the same spot, may be another 200 m off from the runway course. I like the light and the shadow wrapping over the fuselage and the sharpness of the details.

And the last one for you - taken from the opposite end of the runway, uncropped. It was getting dark, but the 2.8 opening allowed for keeping going. Interestingly, the lens requiring tripod or monopod while shooting at close range, produces consistently sharp images of moving objects at infinity. Highly recommended.

You can find my growing collection of the planes at