Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Way to Screw Up Your Lens

Looking for the so called "vintage look" seemed to have become a trend lately. Basic idea is simple - stay away from the L-series lens, or anything that cost you more than $10. The quest for clean and sharp photograph has reversed.

And we seem to have an answer to almost Prince Hamlet's question - the prime or the zoom? It does not matter. The sink drain will do.

Jeff Carter is trying to do just that - adding a piece of plumbing to the front element.

On the other hand one has to admit that this is exactly how the photography had started - with a pin hole in the barn wall. So here we go again, running in circles. Trying to be creative.

I have to admit that long time ago I tried to use medium format magnifier lens with the 35 mm camera myself, but decided against it exactly because of the "trash" look it gave to the images.

So cheers to the home made optics engineering! My verdict though is that the cheap lens look and the vintage look are not the same.